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The South Ural prisoners too chose the power

According to the employee a press - services GUFSIN on the Chelyabinsk area of Uljany Zakomoldinoj, all on area has voted 2239 persons who are in pre-trial detention centres.

In a pre-trial detention centre 1 Chelyabinsk from 8 mornings revival, after all for regime establishment elections &mdash reigned; the phenomenon not ordinary.

— Preparation has passed according to the plan, — the chief of group of a pre-trial detention centre of 1 Artem Petrovs has explained. — security measures as prisoners, and representatives of election committee and observers from parties have been strengthened. As well as it is necessary, special booths and the sealed up urns for bulletins have been established. The rights of all voting are completely observed, anonymity is guaranteed. Elections have passed in due time, without failures.

Interest to political life at prisoners in a pre-trial detention centre is shown especially brightly. According to deputy chief GUFSIN on Sergey Agarkov`s Chelyabinsk area, an appearance almost absolute, conscientious objectors do not happen. Women under investigation vote with pleasure though admit that before imprisonment not always visited elections.

Here that about it tells the concluded pre-trial detention centre 1 Andrey Baushev:

— I consider that elections are important for us. You feel involved as to us it is not indifferent who supervises over a city and the country as a whole. No pressure occurred. After all this our legitimate right — a freedom of speech, a freedom in choosing.

have not ignored also those who has taken part for the first time in elections. To them have handed over memorable diplomas and handles.

All 737 voters who have appeared in a pre-trial detention centre 1, voted under party lists, and 93 inhabitants of Kalininsky area have voted also for one candidates on one-mandatory district 8 in which territorial borders there is a given establishment. To 12 o`clock in the afternoon has voted already hundred percent of prisoners.

Results of voting in four polling districts criminally - executive system of Southern Ural Mountains are that: « an United Russia » — 950 voices. On the second place — LDPR with 703 voices. 161 voter has preferred « Fair Russia » 93 — the Communist Party of the Russian Federation.