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Ecological accident in Hungary will force experts of Achinsk aluminous industrial complex to develop additional security measures

All over the world now discuss ecological accident which has occurred on October, 4th in Hungary. We will remind, at large aluminous industrial complex which is in 160 kilometres to the west of Budapest, there was an explosion. The dam of the tank with a poisonous waste, with so-called « has as a result collapsed; red shlamom ». It has deluged some settlements. Many people, at them burns have suffered. Experts say that its consequences should be eliminated for many years.

At Achinsk aluminous industrial complex wait for results of investigation of this state of emergency.

Natalia Fortuna, the chief a press - services of Achinsk aluminous industrial complex

- We hope that the international experts who have arrived to Hungary, will soon understand causes of the explosion, - the chief tells a press - services of Achinsk aluminous industrial complex Natalia Fortuna. - after that these reasons will sound, certainly, we will prepare any additional actions for prevention of technological failures at our enterprise. Though it is necessary to notice that technology of work of our industrial complex and where there was an explosion in Hungary, strongly differ. Them shlam from bauxites, and ours - from nefelinovoj ores. All our hydraulic engineering constructions which are and shlamovye fields where a waste is stored, are persons under surveillance objects of Rostehnadzora. All their operation is carried out according to the developed confirmed declarations of security.