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In Leningrad region the driver of the school bus awards have deprived that has selected at children belts

the Bus of one of Kingeseppsky schools is equipped by last word of safety precautions. The last year`s requirement of traffic police - to equip seats with belts, in it it was strictly observed. Here only to use small passengers them at first did not want, and then could not.

- It has appeared that the bus driver has intentionally cleaned belts as children are not fastened by them   and needs for them, in its opinion, no, - tell in Office of Public Prosecutor of Leningrad region.

From the bus belts were not gone - the driver has simply connected them for sidenijami. For a connivance to schoolboys the driver is punished by Office of Public Prosecutor. A driving licence has not taken away from it, all - taki   - not gosavtoispektora. But have advised to the principal to deprive of the driver of the award.

-   the Driver of a vehicle bears responsibility for safety of transported passengers. In this case   the person responsible for safe transportation of pupils, has not undertaken measures on elimination of the infringements admitted by the driver, and has not carried out properly control over transportation of children, - ascertain in Office of Public Prosecutor.