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Dmitry Fedotov has told to the president as there is a building of habitation for Saratov pogoreltsev

Cегодня, on October, 13th, president Dmitry Medvedev has spent a video conference concerning liquidation of consequences of fires. They have not avoided and the Saratov region, therefore participation in conference were accepted also by the vice-president of the regional government Dmitry Fedotov.

At meeting representatives of the regions most suffered during natural fires have told about performance of presidential commissions on liquidation of consequences of elements. Special attention have given to erection of new habitation for pogoreltsev.

we Will remind, in the Saratov region as a result of forest fires has burnt down almost 30 houses, 60 families have suffered almost. But according to the minister of building and housing - municipal services of area of Denis Filippova, only 4 families have wanted, that for them have constructed new habitation. 49 families have wished to obtain compensation, 3 families were not defined till now yet with a choice.

Now building of houses for pogoreltsev in Petrovsky area goes at full speed. All works plan to finish till October, 25th.

During time   video meetings Dmitry Medvedev has underlined that it is necessary to return as soon as possible people to normal life.

- This problem was put initially, and on it all our efforts are directed. And not only in the accelerated rate as we agreed because the winter already practically comes, but also qualitatively to restore that has suffered, - the president has told.