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In Petersburg gangsters have stolen the woman and demanded the repayment from its lover

To be stuck in criminal history it is possible anywhere, even in the most crowded places, such as supermarkets. 30 - summer Petersburger Marina has understood it after itself has got to serious alteration.

on October, 10th at seven o`clock in the evening it left shopping centre « Felichita » Kollontaj located in the street. During this moment on it unknown men have unexpectedly flown. One of them has clamped to Marina a mouth a hand in which held a rag impregnated with chloroform. Thieves have loaded the fainted woman into a minibus « the Sable ». There to it have blindfolded, that she did not see, where it carry. And delivered it in garage in Karavaevsky street where villains have put on it handcuffs and held under constant protection.    

in the Next morning thieves have called 48 - to Marina Yury`s summer lover. They have chosen it not casually, in - the first, he worshipped the passion, and in - the second, with money at it problems were not, as it works as the assistant to the general director of one of the commercial companies.

- If you want to see Marina live – pay two million roubles, - the voice from a mobile phone has threatened.

Having estimated that to one with gangsters not to consult, Yury has informed on abduction in militia. There have decided to cover a gang directly during repayment transfer.

With denominations in a bag and with field investigators in an ambush Yury has come at the made o`clock on an appointment with criminals. After it has transferred money to the young man, that have braided pravoohraniteli. However its accomplice who was at some distance, most likely, has had time to call other members of a gang and to inform on a failure of their operation. After some minutes unstated while persons have thrown out the frightened Marina from the car near to a detention place, around the house 15 on Shlisselburgsky highway, and have disappeared.

- two Petersburgers 27 - the summer driver of the company « Are detained; Petrospirt » Alexey Ipolitov, and 26 - summer Anatoly Efims, - has informed a source in law enforcement bodies. – At a search inspectors have found handcuffs, stubs in garage where held the hostage, capacities from - under chloroform, and also a rag with traces of blood of the victim.

Inspectors now try to establish persons of other participants of a gang, their quantity, and also find out, a leah is registered behind them of other similar crimes.

- criminal case under article « is brought; kidnapping » - have informed in a press - service of Investigatory committee on Petersburg . – the Maximum punishment – 15 years.