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To the Petersburg pensioners distribute discount cards

First of all cards give out to needy veterans of war, veterans of work, blokadnikam and to pensioners. Having shown them on cash desk, older persons can receive a quite good discount for bread, dairy products, vegetable oil, sausage products, meat, fish, vegetables, fruit. In total in the list of 25 names.

- Meanwhile in the action participates thirty three shops of one of trading networks of Petersburg, - have explained us in a press - service of committee on social policy. – Also it is a question only of discounts for the senior generation. But it is possible that this list will extend. It is now let out six thousand maps on five hundred on each of twelve areas where there are shops.

Now maps first of all give out to those who lives near to the necessary shops and without problems can descend behind purchases. Solve it in regional social services.

- the Map not nominal, the discount extends to bearer, - have specified in committee. – therefore, if it is difficult to pensioner to go or it cannot do it at all, in shop for it descends sotsrabotnik and also will buy products more cheaply.

it is concrete

the List of areas and   – participants of the action.

the Admiralty area: street of the Union of Printers, d. 5

Vasileostrovsky area: the Big avenue, d. 74;   Srednegavansky avenue, d. 1

the Vyborg area: street Rashetova, d. 3;   avenue of Engels,   d. 133

the Kirov area: street of Marshal Kazakova, d. 1; avenue of Strikes,   d. 57;

Dvinsky street, d. 9

Krasnogvardejsky area: Krasnogvardejsky square, d. 5;   Zanevsky avenue, d. 45;
Bolsheohtinsky avenue, d. 31;   street of Marshal Tukhachevsky,   d. 41

Krasnoselsky area: street of Volunteers, d. 52, Lenin avenue, d. 81 and   d. 93

the Moscow area : Aviasmall town, Take-off street, d. 7;   Vitebsk avenue, d. 47;

the Kiev street, d. 24/ 22;   street Ordzhonikidze, d. 27

the Neva area : parkway of Red Dawns, d. 5;   street Dybenko,   d. 13

Seaside area: Dibunovsky street, d. 37;   avenue of Verifiers, d. 13;

Kolomjazhsky avenue, d. 1 and d. 19;   Lansky highway, d. 24; street Savushkina, d. 147;

school street, d. 3

Pushkin area: the Moscow highway, d. 4

the Frunze area : the Bucharest street, d. 72   and   d. 118;   avenue of Glory, d. 30

the Central area: Dostoevsky`s street, d. 30;