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In the Neva area will restore PILLBOXES

on October, 16th in the Neva area of Petersburg will take place universal subbotnik. With brooms and shovels on street precisely there are officials of administration and representatives volonterskih the organisations. They are assured that students will join them, youth and other inhabitants of area.

One of objects where will work on subbotnike - river Murzinki quay. In days of war there passed a boundary of defence of Leningrad. Since then there there are PILLBOXES - long-term weapon emplacements which constrained cross fire the enemy on approaches to a city.

But war has come to an end, and PILLBOXES have grown with a tall weeds. And around local residents many long years diligently scattered garbage - bottles, old pillows and mattresses, the autotire covers everyone zhelezjaki. The dustbin has turned out.

- the youth has stood up For cleanliness of quay Murzinki, - have told in administration of the Neva area. - Still four years ago our department of a youth policy together in volunteers, teachers and public organisations have put in order the first PILLBOX. It have painted and have drawn on its wall the Georgievsky tape.

- Garbage was so many that to work it was necessary in some stages, - the chief of department of a youth policy of the Neva area Andrey Ljabin has told. -   Much we have pulled out directly from the river. Children stood knee-deep in water and lifted automobile tyre covers, pieces of armature and other stuff.

Now has come it is time to put in order and other PILLBOXES.

Gathering of volunteers is appointed to 10 mornings on Saturday on October, 16th on crossing of Murzinsky street and the prospectus of Obuhovsky defence. Take part in a good deed all interested persons can.