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To Syktyvkar will arrive Night watch

the National Museum of Republic Komi represents to townspeople an unusual exhibition. Tomorrow, on October, 14th, at 11:00 within the precincts of a museum the exposition « will open; Night watch » dated for the World day of animals. On it all variety of owls of a wood zone of Komi of edge will be presented.

Exhibits reflect interrelation of the nature of republic and traditional culture of the people komi. All ekponaty exhibitions connects the mysterious image of an owl symbolising at the different people since the most ancient times till today wisdom and magic, the power and death.

the Group of owls totals 144 kinds, ten of them resides in the Republic Komi, five more are brought in the Republic Komi Red book.

At an exhibition « Night watch » materials from funds of National museum RK and a scientific museum of department of ecology of animals of Institute of biology of KNTS UrO of the Russian Academy of Sciences are presented: Stuffed animals of the owls residing on Severo - the East of the European part of Russia; photos and various subjects with the image of night predators; stuffed animals and photos of animals which owls eat.

the Exhibition is calculated on a wide range of visitors: from children of preschool age to adult audience.

for Visitors wait in department of the nature of the National museum of Republic Komi about street Communistic, 6.