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Head coach FK “ the Metallurgist - Kuzbas “ retires

Today in superiority of Russia on football among clubs of the second battalion (a zone « the East ») Has taken place 31 - j tour. Kemerovo « Kuzbas » in a final house match of a season has prevailed against the immemorial rival, Novokuznetsk « the Metallurgist - Kuzbas » - 2:1.

Edward Momotova`s Wards on the major note have said goodbye to fans, having won strong-willed victory. In the second time Nikolay Shabalin « has unpacked » gate of owners after draw angular. The reciprocal ball was hammered by Sergey Vaviletko, and for pair minutes to a final whistle Sergey Voronov has sent in a grid « steelmakers » the second goal – 2:1. The first victory « Kuzbas » over Novokuznetsk club since 2001.

the Unique lucky beggar who has won « Hundaj » became 29 - summer Vadim Klenogin, the chief of branch of Open Company « himprom ».
the Photo: Maxim KISELYOV

Right after a match has taken place car draw « Hundaj » announced   FK « Kuzbas » on the first house game of a season. On each match of the command in Kemerovo lototron defined four fans who acquired the right to participate in car draw. As a result of applicants for a car there were 60 persons. And the unique lucky beggar who has won « Hundaj » Became 29 - summer Vadim Klenogin, the chief of branch of Open Company « himprom » .

the Head coach « the Metallurgist - Kuzbas » Alexander Kishinevsky on poslematchevoj the press - conferences declared that retires:

- the Problem for a season is not executed, we have not got to a prize-winning three, therefore I am urged to leave. It is grateful that to me have given possibility to work in Novokuznetsk, here only and it was not possible to form the decent team.

« to Steelmakers » it is necessary to spend one more game, but hardly they will rise above the fourth place. In the final match of tournament « M - To » accepts on Saturday, on October, 16th, Barnaul « the Dynamo » . And « Kuzbas » , staked out the eighth line in the table, will be finished by superiority of the country on October, 23rd in Barnaul.

Game “ Kuzbas “ with “ the Metallurgist - Kuzbas “