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The director Rostov onkoinstituta is accused of tomograph acquisition at the overestimated cost

Yesterday, on October, 12th, criminal case concerning the director Rostov onkoinstituta which is accused of a negligence has been brought.

- on budget money the expensive medical equipment, including multispiral 64 - srezovyj a computer tomograph, for a total sum more than 93 million roubles is bought, - the regional Office of Public Prosecutor informs . - Check has shown that onkoinstitutom by preparation for order placing the contract ceiling price is generated initially. Measures are not taken for studying of offers of other firms as a result of what has allowed the unique participant of placing of the order of Open Company « Alkom - 7 » to offer a tomograph at cost of 90,4 million roubles while the price of the manufacturer at the moment of the contract conclusion made 36,1 million roubles.

All for iatrotechnics purchase at inflated prices federal budget money has been unreasonably spent for the sum of 57,5 million roubles.