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Debtors remain without heat

the Cold season in Petersburg has begun more weeks ago, but inhabitants of several hundreds houses of it have not felt. Also has put at all in slowness kommunalshchikov. The power supplying organisations – State Unitary Enterprises of thermal power station and TGK - 1 have limited a heat supply of those houses, TSZH and which management companies are in black lists of the companies.

- Under the law we have no right to disconnect heating – even to debtors, however specifications provide possibility not to include heat in the cold season beginning to those subscribers who are in arrears, - has explained a press - the secretary of State Unitary Enterprise « thermal power station of St.-Petersburg » Alexander Lopatovsky.

Not less a hard line has occupied and TGK - 1, also having limited a heat supply to malicious debtors.

- Warmly in houses arrives, simply not in full, - have informed in the company.

power admit: Disconnects they use exclusively as an extreme measure, in hope to deduce debtors on dialogue.

- Today at us is more than hundred system defaulters who not only do not liquidate debts throughout several years, but also simply do not go on contact, ignoring all references and calls, - Alexander Lopatovsky continues. - For connection of debtors to heat now it simply enough to contact the enterprise and to co-ordinate the schedule of repayment of debts.

By the way, education by a cold has already yielded the results. So in the cold season beginning only in thermal power station State Unitary Enterprise was an order of hundred not connected debtors, and by data for September, 13th without heat remains only 9 houses.