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For a week of 11 thousand inhabitants were converted with the complaint on ORVI

In the beginning of October into edge the present autumn has come. Air temperature in edge territory seldom rose above +13. Such weather conditions contributes in activization of the viruses calling ORVI. All it has led to that last week with complaints on prostudnye diseases was converted more than ten thousand persons, the majority from which children of preschool age.

the Raised level of disease has been noted in Blagodarnensky, Kursk, Turkmen, Petrokumsky, Mineralovodsky areas. But in general on edge the current situation while remains within long-term norm on   to a flu and   ORVI.

But it is not necessary to relax. With approach of colds it is important to put on always on weather, not to overcool and support the immunity. For increase of stability of an organism to prostudnym to diseases it is recommended to use preparations of nonspecific preventive maintenance, such as « Grippferon » derinat, tincture limonnika or ehinatsei and vitamin complexes.