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the Gipsy Is glad has read vologzhanam a verse about a frog

Film action « Retrospective displays of screen versions of products of Chekhov » devoted to anniversary of the Russian classic, have begun in Vologda.

Yesterday at a cinema « Salute » have shown the film which has been removed on motives to move of Chekhov « Flowers overdue ». The picture was presented by the merited actress of Russia Svetlana Toma who has played in a cult Soviet film « the Camp leaves in the sky ». By the way, it comes to Vologda any more the first time.

- I came To Vologda also five, and seven years ago, - have told   the actress. - but walked here only once, and that is short, in the morning as there was a meeting in the evening. To understand a city, it is necessary to go on it on foot.

One of vologzhanok has presented to the actress the talisman.
a photo: Olga KASHINTSEVA

to communicate to the well-known actress, hundreds people have come to the Vologda cinema since the morning, basically women of pension age. Wishing to see « gipsy Radu » was so much that workers of a cinema have put additional chairs.

During the performance Svetlana Toma both sang, and danced, and read verses of poets of the Silver age. Especially vologzhan has amused Zynaida Gippius`s verse about a frog. Besides, the actress has told about the love to Chekhov.

- I, unfortunately, have not played at theatre any of Chekhovian heroines, - have shared   Svetlana Toma with the correspondent « - Though... In students we had a degree performance « Innocent speeches » which consisted of Chekhov`s stories. And on a broader scale my meeting with Chekhov occurs when I open Anton Pavlovicha`s small volume and I read its lines. In them I touch it, to its shape, which always with you.

According to Svetlana Toma, at each director and the actor the Chekhov. Therefore it is not necessary to denounce those or other screen versions.

- At Mikhalkov - the Chekhov, at Soloveva - such what he feels it. But why - that exists a certain stamp that it such all minor, boring. It`s not true!   - zavjaila the well-known actress. - Chekhov was improbably emotional person! Honour his letters - how much there energy, how much there emotions! My Chekhov - emotional, lonely. I feel its loneliness and its improbable deep grief concerning everything that it surrounded.

Now Svetlana Toma plays at once in three theatrical performances. However, nobody wants to put one of them.

- I am occupied in three performances: two comedies « Hostages of love » and « Divorce on - are Moscow ». There is one more performance which, unfortunately is necessary to nobody. This performance about Shalyapin`s life - « Passions on Shalyapin ». I there play its first wife, ballerina Iolu Tornagi. We played this performance some times. But when this performance we offer another prokatchiki ask: « And who such Shalyapin? »

in the Evening Svetlana Toma has visited also Cherepovets. It will present to townsmen of metallurgists other Chekhovian screen version - « My tender and gentle beast ».