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Kommunalshchikam Volgograd days off

in Volgograd officially will cancel Tomorrow starts a cold season. But it does not mean that since morning of the battery in your apartments become hot.

According to plan in first two days from the moment of the cold season beginning warmly should receive hospitals, maternity hospitals and a manger. Afterwards experts of housing and communal services should take care of kindergartens.

- Four days it is taken away on heating adjustment at schools and polyclinics, and within five days heat will come to all apartment houses of Volgograd. In total at the moment of preparation for a cold season 130 boiler-houses have been prepared, more than 300 central thermal points and are checked up over 900 kilometres of heating systems. Heat giving will be carried out under the confirmed schedule, any failures it is not expected, - Yury Konovalov has informed , and. An island of the assistant to the head of Volgograd.

And here for kommunalshchikov odd-come-shortlies will stand out the hot.   In connection with cold season start the next Saturday and Sunday for employees of public utilities of a city are declared in the working days. If there will be any state of emergency - they can opreativno react to it.

Where to complain?

If and in five days after the beginning of a cold season of the battery in your apartment cold, first of all be converted into your management company. There should find out the reason. Probably, fault to all air stoppers.

If it is cold in all house, call in emergency service of housing and communal services of your area or to the city dispatcher by phone (8442 38 - 54 - 50.

Regional dispatching housing and communal services (8442):

Traktorozavodsky - 79 - 79 - 26        
Krasnooktjabrsky - 73 - 50 - 82
Central - 33 - 65 - 29
Dzerzhinsky - 39 - 73 - 55
Voroshilovsky - 97 - 13 - 97
Soviet - 41 - 69 - 51
Kirov - 44 - 91 - 00
Krasnoarmejsky - 67 - 70 - 67