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The Volgograd governor has assured the President that pogoreltsy are happy with under construction habitation

Today the President of Russia Dmitry Medvedev has spent video - conference with the regions which have suffered from fires. On communication with the head of the state there was also the Volgograd region. Governor Anatoly Brovko has reported on Dmitry Medvedev on how there are civil work in the burnt down villages of our region.

By the way, questions to the Volgograd region at the President was a little. Dmitry Medvedev has only taken an interest at Anatoly Brovko, a leah is at pogoreltsev   any claims to houses under construction for them.

- the Only thing, for what the future move-ins &ndash worry; new houses will be how much warm, - the governor has told.

- the Winter will show, the main thing that designers and builders were not mistaken, - Dmitry Medvedev has told recognising that while in our country the culture of new building materials is not very developed yet. - At us people know only a tree and a brick, but now there are many other materials.

that pogoreltsy are happy with the future habitation, they have told also. Inhabitants of village Aleksandrovka of Zhirnovsky area on a video conference with the head of the state have come almost all structure.

- It was very cold, we had to wait long for the turn, but we are very happy with dialogue with the president. So easily and friendly he with us spoke, and in the end even has smiled, - the chairman local TOSa Ruslan Alekperov shares impressions.

Ruslan Sulejmanovich – one of three inhabitants of Aleksandrovka who managed to communicate to the President. It too has lost the house on fire, therefore about problems pogoreltsev knows firsthand.

- Dmitry Medvedev has asked, a leah we are happy with under construction houses, a leah are assured that builders will meet the deadline. Even has taken an interest, how much the person at me in a family. Considerably that he is stirred really with our problems, - Ruslan Alekperov speaks. – I have responded that while to builders of claims any, all of us arranges.

- But you from builders all the same do not climb down, - Medvedev has advised.

Except chairman TOSa, the head of settlement Alexander Shevchenko and the director of local school have talked to the president. They have told to Dmitry Medvedev that in village the social infrastructure &ndash is restored; the hospital and school works, kiddies from a kindergarten have translated in a school building. Also have thanked the Government of the Russian Federation for the help in habitation restoration.