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Vologzhanin has raped mother of the minor girlfriend

20 - the summer guy who has raped mother of of a beloved,   - the main fighter and the alcoholic on village. For two its months already three times subpoenaed.

the First time for beating of the neighbour in alcoholic intoxication. Then in court the victim and the offender have gone on « world ». The second time the brawler, again having got drunk, has beaten one of inhabitants of village and has selected at it the car. After that incident to the young fighter have given conditional term. The third time that it, being, as usual, on vesele, has broken the 17 - the summer civil wife and mother of the child a hand. The court has not had time to consider this business.

In the end of summer verhovazhsky the criminal has again arranged fight, having beaten to an unconsciousness of a roommate of mother of the beloved. He has raped mother directly on a floor.

- This young man in the company of mother of the girlfriend, its roommate and more one man drank spirits. The young girl was with the child and alcohol did not use, - has told to the correspondent « » the inspector of Harovsky interdistrict investigatory department Timur Kardanov. - As a result of quarrel 20 - the summer young man has beaten the man. Then together with the minor sozhitelnitsoj which on hands had their child, napravlisja home. But it is literally through 200 metres has beaten the girl and has returned to the house of her mother.

the Flown into a rage fighter has run in the house, has flown on 38 - the summer woman and the beginnings it to force. The passing by drinking companion has tried to stop it.

- You that you do? The same thy mother-in-law! - Shouted svidtel, trying to teach the excited guy.

- I arrested this person, - Timur Kardanov has told. - it does not possess Any supernatural physical data. The usual guy to whom it is impossible to drink.

Experts have established that the twenty years` criminal suffers affliction mental rastrojstvom   - maloumiem.

- I remember all event and I repent of a criminal conduct, - the fighter and the tyrant justifies now.

Now the legal investigation proceeds. The young criminal will judge both for iznosilovanie, and for a beating.