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In Moldova in the areas which have suffered from a high water, tax privileges

  will be applied;

the Cabinet has confirmed today, according to the Regulations accepted earlier, the list of settlements where privileges will be applied at the taxation of the goods, services and works in elimination of consequences of flooding of this summer.
the List includes 23 settlements of the Brichansky, Kagulsky, Kantemirsky, Hyncheshtsky, Nisporensky and Ungensky areas which have suffered from revelry of elements. Today also necessary means for granting of material aid at a rate of 500 leev, monthly paid to the victim have been listed.
the Government also has decided to allocate in addition, from the state material reserves, corresponding materials for an accomplishment of building small town - blankets and bed-clothes - for the sum about 94,5 thousand leev.
According to the Ministry of Internal Affairs, as a result of flooding of this summer 2 bridges, 7 km of highways, 0,21 km of dams, and also 247 apartment houses and personal plots are completely destroyed. 817 houses from - for damages became unsuitable for residing, other objects of social purpose are partially hurt.