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In the street Freedom promise to move inhabitants of the Samara emergency house till the end of the year

« already wrote about a status of one of emergency houses in Industrial region. We were called by the inhabitant of the house 118 and has informed that at them in a room three years are not present light – has passed a rain, conducting &ndash has fused; and the apartment is deprived light. « » has gone to the address. The destruction picture before us has appeared really awful – the wavy porch, the destroyed dirty toilets, small kitchen with an ancient plate and the closed up hole in a floor (before inhabitants have closed up it, through it in a toilet being under it children failed). We have decided to learn about the further destiny of inhabitants and have sent inquiry in goradministratsiju.

- the Order of the first deputy of the Head of Samara from June, 17th of last year the house 118 on Freedom street is recognised by emergency and is subject to a pulling down, - have informed in the answer. – On March, 3rd this year changes have been made to the certificate, according to which inhabitants of this house should give other living space till the end of 2010.

Now from this house 2 families are moved, 4 another have handed over viewing notification messages on a given living space. Others will settle out, when there will be free square metres.