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Deputies have decided to learn, how Petersburg will struggle with ice

in the Winter and in the spring the dust consisting mainly from salt, rises in air and gets to lungs of people, settles on roofs, facades, statues and elements of a decor of buildings, putting an irreparable damage to health of citizens and shape of Petersburg - deputy Sergey Malkov writes in inquiry to Valentina Matvienko.

Also it reminds of pitiable attempts to replace pesko - a hydrochloric mix other reagents, for example, when from - for chemistry which strewed the Ring highway, there was a failure on the nearest electrosubstation (read Substation Southern have washed, and KAD promised to protect a fence ).

In the end of inquiry the deputy is interested, what sums leave the budget on elimination of the described negative consequences as will struggle with ice this year, and why in Petersburg a granite crumb as in Finland is not used for processing of streets.

By the way, with the answer to last question employees of administration of the governor should not strain especially.   the message about antigololednoj crumbs deputies sent all several months ago - in April. However, then the initiative belonged to Oleg Nilov.  

In Valentina Matvienko`s answer then it was said that a granite crumb tried to apply in suburbs. And here in the centre supposedly there can be problems: At a finding of a granite crumb on proezzhej a part and sidewalks, without snow nakata, from motor transport movement the granite crumb will accumulate in lotkovoj to a zone, to get to system of the storm water drain and to litter it, without providing the demanded factor of coupling and security of traffic. Besides, taking off from - under motor transport wheels the granite crumb will cause a damage as to cars, and pedestrians. To provide universal operative cleaning of a granite crumb after each warming it is not obviously possible .