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The car has deprived of the house novokuznechan cold water

On Saturday morning, on October, 2nd the weight of calls has fallen upon dispatching service of a water canal about absence of cold water. Inhabitants of houses informed on problems with water 75 - 97 along the street Kirov the Central area of Novokuznetsk.

the Dispatcher only made a helpless gesture: failures are not present, what`s happened it is not known. But workers nevertheless has sent. Then that also was found out that water in cranes novokuznechan has disappeared from - for... The car.

As it was found out, the car has been parked on a water well with disconnecting armature. Last also has worked from - for pressure upon a well cover. To go down downwards and start up water again working could not, the car disturbed. And to whom there has on a visit arrived the inhabitant of Tashtagol who has put the car in an inadequate place, to find out possibilities was not.

the Problem have solved only almost   in three hours, by means of the autowrecker. The car have rearranged on other place. Surprise of the mistress when that has returned and has found out the four-wheel friend   not there, where it has left, it is possible to present only.