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In the centre of Chelyabinsk have shot head « Uralsnaba »

On Wednesday, on October, 13th, in the centre of Chelyabinsk have shot the head of the company Uralsnab .

the Corpse 52 - the summer businessman have found out in an apartment house court yard in the street Russian. In law enforcement bodies assume that murder was custom-made.

Under the information which have entered a call centre, it became known that the director of the company on the car Mercedes has arrived to a pleasure institution the Cheerful wild boar . Unexpectedly the motorcyclist has approached on it and has some times shot on the car. The man has jumped out of the car and has run in court yard, towards parking place - the employee has told to journalists a press - the centre of the city Department of Internal Affairs.

He has added that the murderer, having thrown a motorcycle, has caught up with the victim and has shot once again. The businessman has died on the spot, and the criminal has disappeared from a scene of crime on foot.

criminal case on point " is brought; z parts of 2 articles 105 of the criminal code of Russian Federation (murder from mercenary promptings or on hiring), is carried on the investigation, passes RIA Novosti news agency.