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How to recover from AIDS the Petersburg pickpocket

In the birthday Petersburger Olga knows became a victim of the pickpocket. That has pulled out from its handbag a mobile phone, when it a little zazevalas in a trolley bus 22.

- I that day had such good mood, - Olga speaks. – while at me have not stolen phone which last year to me the father has presented. Well though militiamen have caught the thief.

Field investigators have detained the suspect directly on the Neva prospectus at a trolleybus stop. It has appeared it 24 - summer Evgenie Ursatyj who has arrived to Petersburg some years ago from Ukraine, but till now has not found to itself official work.

In theft of a mobile phone of Ursatyj and has not confessed. He has started to think out every possible justifyings. And some of them have amused inspectors.

- I wanted to sit down in a tram to reach to the friend, - have declared Ursatyj. – Before me the white woman has come: All in white and with white hair. It has pushed out me from a trolley bus, doors were closed also I remained at a stop. And everything, I did not steal anything.

Vienna on hands detained iskoloty needles, therefore without a question about drugs has not managed.

- Is not present, I not the addict, - began to justify Ursatyj. – pupils strange because that I am stirred, and hands iskoloty because I was more recently treated. One and a half weeks ago has recovered from AIDS.

After that he has become puzzled, probably, having thought that has blurted out something not that. Also has there and then changed illness to more plausible.

- I was treated For a gonorrhea, - the Ukrainian has declared.

Later Ursatyj has told one more recipe of treatment. It encloses the « a sore » in handbags of passengers, thereby getting rid of it, and in exchange takes any souvenir. After that at detectives at all does not remain doubts that Evgenie and strong is on friendly terms for a long time with drugs.

- Concerning Ursatogo criminal case under article « is brought; theft » - have informed in a press - service of KM of the Municipal Department of Internal Affairs across Petersburg and Leningrad region.