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The season of Hadzha will soon begin, and Moslems of Bashkiria will go to Mecca

                    On the eve of a season of Hadzha and Umry (small hadzh) Kingdom Saudi Arabia Ministry of Health has developed mediko - sanitary rules. All pilgrims are recommended to pass immunization against a flu, besides an obligatory vaccine against meningokokkovoj infections. And all arriving from - for borders in   Bashkiria   pass in the airport sanitary control.

                      Besides, during a season of Hadzha it will be forbidden to pilgrims to take with itself foodstuff and to take them in luggage. It will be possible to take only the meal which is in tight packing or in containers.

                      « During a season hadzha in suburbs of Mecca gather about 2,5 million pilgrims, last years   from Bashkiria there there were nearby 100 persons » - have informed us in spiritual management of Moslems of republic.

Daty Hadzha.


  on November, 7th 2010 - land borders of Saudi Arabia are closed.
  on November, 11th 2010 - the airports of Saudi Arabia for reception of pilgrims are closed.
  on November, 15th 2010 - date of departure from Mecca in the Mine.
  on November, 16th 2010 - in the morning departure from the Mine on Arafu, standing on a grief of Arafa, then departure in Muzdalefu.
  on November, 17th 2010 - a feast of Kurban Bajram (Aid Aladha).
  on November, 17,18,19,20th 2010 - residing at tents in the Mine.
  on November, 20th 2010 - departure from the Mine to Mecca.



« Hadzh – pilgrimage to sacred places of Mecca. Each Moslem at least time for the life if it it is allowed by the finance and health because Hadzh helps us to tower, lift level of the religious, moral development » is obliged to make him; - have told « » in spiritual management of Moslems RB.