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The housing rights zabajkalki are restored, after intervention of Office of Public Prosecutor

the Chernovsky district court of a city of Chita has satisfied the claim of Office of Public Prosecutor of Chernovsky area in protection of the broken rights of one of inhabitants and has passed the decision on withdrawal of its apartment from another`s illicit possession. The judgement has entered validity, informs a press - service of Office of Public Prosecutor of Transbaikalian edge.

As Galina Popova has told the senior assistant to the public prosecutor of Chernovsky area:

- scandalous things of infringement of the housing rights of the declarant Have been established. On them measures of public prosecutor`s reaction are taken. Check materials have formed the basis for excitation of criminal case upon swindle.

It is established that the premises in which the woman who has converted into Office of Public Prosecutor with the family lives, have been given it in connection with a pulling down of shabby habitation on treaty provisions of social hiring.

on April, 8th, 2010 from her name the contract of purchase and sale of the given apartment has been concluded. Besides thus the property right of the seller to alienated apartment to all other has been confirmed by the decision of Chernovsky district court from November, 19th, 2007.

At the same time, the woman did not make out privatisation of apartment, into court with the statement of claim about a property right recognition was not converted, the civil case under its claim in court was not considered, and the named decision from November, 19th, 2007 was not taken out by Chernovsky district court of a city of Chita.

In this connection the area Office of Public Prosecutor has directed materials of check upon a fake of a judgement Office of Public Prosecutor to investigatory body for decision-making on criminal case excitation. On their basis criminal case to signs of the crime provided ch on July, 9th, 2010 has been brought. 4 items 159 of the criminal code of Russian Federation (the swindle made by organised group or in especially large size).

Thus, leaving of disputable property from lawful possession has occurred besides will of its lawful owner. As the woman did not know about fulfilment of the transaction of purchase and sale of disputable apartment, money resources from sale of apartment did not receive, the right to the order apartment did not possess, the contract of purchase and sale of apartment from her name is insignificant.