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In Krasnoyarsk region have started to work 12,5 thousand copyists

In Krasnoyarsk region started population census,   about it   in a press - the centre У У has told head Krasnojarskstata Tatyana Davydenko. At present in edge already works 12,5 thousand copyists. In advance it has been copied more than 13 thousand persons in 74 edges remote areas.   certainly, all townspeople   interests, as these people,   look; in what what questions are dressed also will set.

- each copyist will have a dark blue portfolio with firm symbolics, on a chest -   the special certificate,   the dark blue scarf with a white border, - is told by Tatyana Davydenko, -   besides,   cотрудник is obliged to show you the passport.   in houses where there are coded locks, the copyist will be accompanied by employee TSZH or   a management company.  

If   You doubt, to open to the copyist a door or not if it has seemed to you suspicious, you can call at any time on phone of a hot line of Krasnojarskstata and be convinced that this employee really works for us: (391 2 - 01 - 10 - 14.  

Addresses and phones perepisnyh sites of Krasnoyarsk region