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In Ekaterinburg from a terrarium the imperial scorpion

Loss of a black imperial scorpion workers of the Ekaterinburg Park of butterflies has run away that in the street Lenin have found out before the closing – on October, 12th. That day he silently sat in the glass aquarium and anybody especially did not touch. To touch to it there was nobody, as near to it there was its colleague by the form and on an aquarium – another same « the emperor » and they for a long time already in friendship. Females to them specially do not put, that boys did not quarrel, and   girls after pairing are in the habit to devour the partner. And it is enough rare species, and the management of Park does not presume such quirks. And still the scorpion was gone. Approximately at half past seven. And at half past eight in Park began as usual « hour of romantic appointments » - for 3500 roubles of pair can sit in tropical atmosphere. Appointments should be cancelled, as the scorpion could seize without any romanticism somebody from enamoured at the most inappropriate moment.  

it is interesting that in park premises videocameras are established, but the theft moment why - that is not reflected in records. Most « skorpi » on a vertical glass wall of an aquarium in height it is more metre not to get out precisely, means, someone has helped it with it. Well and more one difficulty – the nursery of scorpions (there them the whole family turned) from above is covered by a glass cover. So – speech, most likely about theft.

next morning after loss the cloakroom attendant nearly has not attacked something black, sitting on a rug in the hall centre. The woman has thought was to scream, but instead was delighted: so it is a familiar important exhibit was. A scorpion have planted in a box and have installed into place in a terrarium to the colleague and have given out the strengthened soldering from insects.

Experts of park consider that the scorpion and today, on October, 14th is in stress. It twitches, when someone leads loud conversation, and accepts menacing poses.

the Inquiry « »:

  the Imperial scorpion   reaches at length more than 20 see Resides in rain equatorial woods of the Western Africa. Lives in holes which to itself and digs in a wood laying. An active night predator. A prick « the emperor » painfull, however, safe for the person.