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Disease ORVI in Bottom goes on recession

After extraordinary hot summer of many nizhegorodtsev have knocked down respiratory virus diseases. In an early autumn has most of all got to preschool children and pupils of elementary grades.

but now the situation has started to be levelled. So disease ORVI in comparison with last week has decreased for 11,24 percent.

behind medical aid with disease symptoms 18896 persons (58,09 cases on 10 thousand population of area), including in Nizhni Novgorod &ndash were converted; 10029 persons (78,33 cases on 10 thousand population of a city).

And here with acute enteric infections in the Nizhniy Novgorod region 229 persons that is an average index were converted into hospitals.

- in area are fixed     cases of furiousness among animals, - are informed by committee of the state veterinary supervision. -   in Volodarsky   area the mad fox has been registered. Before the same sick animal have caught in Spassky area. Now according to veterinary rules necessary actions are carried out.