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In Chita session of the regional commission on monitoring of the prices for products

the Vice-president of the government of Transbaikalian edge Alexey Koshelev in the beginning of week has taken place has held the first session of the interdepartmental commission on monitoring of a price situation in the food market and to application of the measures of state regulation provided by the legislation, informs a press - service of Administration of the Governor of Transbaikalian edge.

representatives of regional Ministries of economic development and trade, the Ministry of Agriculture, management of Federal antimonopoly service, heads have taken part In meeting of some large retail networks, the wholesale companies.

the Vice-president of the government of Transbaikalia Alexey Koshelev has noted:

- Questions of a price policy on foodstuff of the first necessity for Russia do not cease to be actual throughout already several months. The federal government confirms the list from 24 foodstuff the prices on which are regulated by the state.

- Fluctuation wholesale and street prices on foodstuff depends on objective factors — consequences of two-year crisis, a summer drought, - the Vice-president of the government of Transbaikalian edge has underlined. - even these weighty reasons are not the basis for sharp growth of trading extra charges which in some cases have grown in 2 - 2,5 times.

As has explained fulfilling duties of the head regional UFAS Anna Gorbunova:

- Department conducts monitoring of the prices in the market in parallel with Regional service under tariffs and pricing (RST) and Zabajkalkrajstatom. Departments communicate, receiving as a result uniform dynamics of the prices. Checks concerning presumably unreasonable rise in prices UFAS spends, in particular, after references of citizens or publications in mass-media as it was in a case with a rise in prices for bread in Aginsky area.

- the Situation with the prices in the retail market in Transbaikalian edge is stable now. A price level as a whole correspond to level of the similar period of 2009, - has informed Anna Gorbunova.

Participants of the market have confirmed that with the drought beginning trading surcharges have sharply grown. In August cases when the prices grew at once on 50, and even for 100 percent were registered. In it wholesalers see really existing arrangement of manufacturers.

Following the results of session the commission has made decision to recommend to the organisations making a flour and groats in territory of Transbaikalian edge, to establish the prices for 5 % below the prices of delivery from Altay territory. And the edge foodstuffs it is recommended to Ministry of Agriculture to finish this decision to manufacturers and to carry out monitoring of the prices. To the wholesale and retail enterprises trading in products of the first necessity, it is recommended to establish the trading extra charge on socially - significant articles of food no more than 15 % to everyone. Monitoring of trading extra charges in a weekly mode will carry out regional RST.

RST also it is recommended to make active action carrying out « the Social price » and to carry out monitoring of its realisation.

UFAS has received the recommendation to carry out the additional analysis of the prices for millet and an egg, about also to strengthen work in a direction of materials in subjects of the Russian Federation which suppliers have multiply raised the prices for the production.