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In Finland there was a mass renunciation of people of church

the transfer of second Finnish channel JULE Shown on Tuesday Ajankohtainen kakkonen has caused boom of renunciation of people from church.

Only for two hours of transfer through the Internet - a portal eroakirkosta. fi from temple visitation have recanted more than 200 persons.

It more than usually for one day. The previous time similar boom of renunciation of church was made in 2008 by transfer A - talk in which conversation about female papacy was conducted. Then during an aether of transfer from church 180 persons have recanted.

According to the informant of a portal eroakirkosta. fi, on Wednesday from church already 1200 persons in the early evening have recanted. From them the most part represented   people is more senior 30 - summer age.

Usually 11 percent recanting are 18 - summer young men and girls. For a day from church recants 140 - 150 persons.

Prior to the beginning of transfer Ajankohtainen kakkonen on Tuesday from church 150 persons have already recanted. Within the first hour of transfer 83 more persons were typed, and to their evening was already 372, Russian service Yleisradio informs .