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More than half of participants perepisnoj campaigns in Jugre are pensioners and homemakers

Today started « Population census - 2010 ». A problem of copyists – to collect about citizens as much as possible full and authentic data.


is very massive layer of work which imposes on everyone huge responsibility. From that, how much carefully and qualitatively we will spend census, prospects of development of the country directly depend, - the head of territorial body of Federal Agency of the state statistics Valery Jarlov has underlined.

All copyists will have dark blue portfolios with forms perepisnyh sheets, dark blue scarfs with a logo of the All-Russia population census of 2010 and special certificates which are valid at a passport presentation. Everyone interrogated has the right to check up documents of the copyist, and in case of need, to specify the information on it by phone in perepisnom a site.

To selection of candidates in copyists in Jugre have approached thoroughly. According to shown requirements, at them at least average vocational training, a legible handwriting, accurate speech. They also are capable to organise rationally the day and to perform great volume of work in deadlines.


Besides, at selection of candidates discipline, goodwill, loyalty, a resistance to stress, restraint in dialogue, good knowledge of Russian were greeted. The preference was given to the citizens having experience of participation in the previous campaigns, informs a press - government HMAO service.