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In Buryatiya build an orthodox kindergarten

At the initiative of a diocesan the Uhlan - Udensky and Buryat Savvatija in republic in territory Piously - the Troitsk temple belonging to archdiocese, the orthodox kindergarten first in Buryatiya is under construction. Will go to it all about 30 children, informs TK Tivikom .

it is primary in under construction on temple territory a three-storyed building there should be a big sunday school and spiritually - the educational centre. A kindergarten here have decided to open at the initiative of Lord Savvatija. Building in the heat, the most part of works is already made but to put a garden in operation, it is necessary still at least five millions roubles. At the moment, the building ground floor is completely ready only.

- by the Government of Buryatiya it has been allocated two million, - priest Roman Hlybov speaks. - On this money have spent heating systems and water supply, have put windows. It is necessary to erect the second and third floors still. Only on their internal furnish it is necessary about one and a half millions roubles. Still it is necessary to spend ventilation, the water drain and to equip an external facade of a building.  

In   the days off here it is planned to conduct a sunday school. On the ground floor there will be classes, on the third - offices for the logopedist, the psychologist. Under a kindergarten the second floor here is taken away.