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That colds not to be afraid, it is necessary to take root urgently!

the great attention is given to vaccination carrying out in collectives of schools and kindergartens. Now the most favorable time for vaccination of children as disease ORVI yet has not reached high indicators and for today disease level twice below an epidemiological threshold.

Experts remind that the child visiting a kindergarten or school, has bolshy risk of a meeting with viruses and disease developments that can represent danger of infection to small children in a family.

For a long time it is proved, what exactly children   the first bring an infection and a flu in home. Density of children`s collectives contributes in flu distribution. Therefore as much as possible high coverage by vaccination (not less than 70 %) in kindergarten group, a school class will allow to create reliable protection and to generate collective immunity for a forthcoming epidemiological season.

the Flu is especially dangerous to children and people with the weakened health, leading heavy, sometimes to deadly complications. Most frequent of which – a pneumonia. The pnevmokokkovaja infection is one of the leading reasons of a pneumonia, otitises, a sinusitis, aggravations of a chronic bronchitis. It is significant (60 % of cases) reason ORZ in collectives. To protect children from the complications called by a flu, it is possible by means of a vaccine from pnevmokokkovoj for an infection.

Virus disease, and a flu in particular, are dangerous the complications as even the most tempered people not in forces to confront constantly mutirujushchemu with a virus.

it is possible to concern vaccination on - to a miscellaneous, but the statistics has shown that among imparted from a flu were ill only 10 – 12 % of children, among not imparted –   about 60 %, informs a press - service of administration of Tyumen.

we Will notice that during an epidemiological season of 2009 from 104 persons who have appeared in reanimatsionnyh branches with a heavy current of a pneumonia, 98 % have not been vaccinated at all. This fact once again proves importance and efficiency of vaccination in preventive maintenance of heavy complications of a flu.