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The huge stopper was formed Ekaterinburg on the Malyshevsky bridge

Since eight mornings till ten o`clock almost completely movement   has been paralysed; transport around the so-called Malyshevsky bridge (passes on a roundabout highway and connects the centre to area ZHBI). Transport stood in both directions, beginning from a building supermarket « BARKS » and roundabout (towards the centre) and from UPI – aside « Stone tents ».

Even in usual days movement on this site in the mornings very slow.   departure on the bridge is complicated from the doubler of the Siberian path. And the cars leaving from street Novgorodtsevoj, two strips of street Malysheva and tram rails cross across, stopping a steam of cars from the centre and blocking sometimes movement of trams from party ZHBI. But in a regular mode, when all « slowly moves » these « tricks » Motorists, as a rule, do not create any serious problems (except as for trams). But when   on the bridge at least on one of strips there is an obstacle (for example, road accident), the traffic rises.

  the Photo: Andrey GUSELNIKOV.  

This time sloppiness of repairmen became the reason of a huge stopper. At night on the bridge a mill removed old asphalt, and, as usual, dorozhniki have left the cars in the middle proezzhej parts. The correspondent « » has noticed, at least, two units of technics: one – near a roadside, another – almost at tram rails. To drivers of the cars going towards the centre, it was necessary to be reconstructed in one strip and « to twist a slalom » round units. The employees of GAI who has arrived into place, vainly tried to find owners of technics. Even in the beginning of the tenth morning on the bridge there was no road worker to continue repair or at least to put technics out of the way.

As a result transport towards the centre filtered through it « a bottle neck » extremely slowly. Cars   lateral streets (Syromolotova and Novgorodtsevoj), trying to put in a standing stream, blocked movement on Malysheva, having created a stopper there where it usually does not happen - in the opposite direction from the centre to ZHBI. The motorists who are turning off on Malysheva with Student`s and Komsomol, also could not be built in movement and created « a heap - malu » on these crossroads. Thus, there were tightly all streets round the bridge: Syromolotova, Novgorodtsevoj, Student`s, Komsomol. And here on Malysheva after « a bottle neck » movement was absolutely free.

the Photo: Andrey GUSELNIKOV.