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Leonid Gozman: All luzhkovskie officials will swear at once Sobjaninu

After on October, 15th in the evening the head of the state named the candidate on fast of the mayor of Moscow, Leonid Gozman, the co-chairman of party « the Just cause » has told to the correspondent that can complicate work of Sobjanina when it will hold this fast.

- difficulties which Sergey Sobjanin will face, are known: substantially from - for Yury Mihajlovicha`s talented managements already it is impossible to live in Moscow - the city costs in stoppers, a city zagazovan, it is one of the most expensive cities in the world not clearly, from what pleasure. Hard work will be at Sergey Semenovicha. A leah

Will work well together it with the command which was generated under itself by Luzhkov? The command will precisely try to work well together with it. How colleagues Yury Mihajlovicha reacted to its resignation, they were ready to hand over it at once and have already handed over. Anybody on barricades for it has not gone and will not go, will not tell that I with the friend Luzhkov of 20 years have worked, and you Sergey Semenovich go far. All of them will lay down under the new mayor. And no trouble does not happen.

Yury Mihajlovich constantly blackmailed the federal authority with that only at it a hand control capital and if it leaves, all will fail. The waterpipe will stop, will not be warm. It does not happen, because all who was on Yury Mihajlovicha`s hand control, is there and then sworn to Sergey Semenovichu. Quality of people which Luzhkov to itself has grown up, below any limit, and a shame - all became such what was at Soviet Union.   Sergey Semenovich the professional, very serious, was the good governor of the Tyumen region, it was selected by people when it competed to the governor of that time Roketsky which had an administrative resource, but Sobjanin has defeated.

Unfortunately, we Sobjanina did not choose. And he will think not only of us, but first of all about that there were enough heads. But Sobjanin will try to separate from the most abomination and odious things which were dissolved with Luzhkov.

we Will remind, the armchair of the mayor of Moscow became vacant after in the end of September the president of the Russian Federation Dmitry Medvedev has dismissed Yury Luzhkov, within 18 years of the mayor of Moscow holding fast. Has dismissed with the rigid formulation - in connection with trust loss .