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Nikolay Svanidze: the Main thing - to finish the Moscow corruption

the Member of Public chamber Nikolay Svanidze in conversation with korresponentom   has wished vitse - to prime minister Sergey Sobjaninu who has been put forward on fast of the mayor of Moscow, to be protected from political temptations and huge money :

- to Warn to me Sergey Semenovicha there is nothing. I believe that he fine knows all and I understand capital specificity much better, than, for example, differently it at all would not give the consent to promotion of the nominee to this fast. And to wish I it wanted ravnoudalennosti from everything, both Moscow, and federal temptations. Because the Moscow mayor is a post, on the one hand, political, and with another - economic. Huge, huge money Here turns. Also very high political temptations are inevitable together with them. Both from that, and I would like Sergey Semenovicha to warn against another. That neither that, nor has not comprehended other it, because this combination has ruined Yury Mihajlovicha Luzhkov.

First of all it should cope with enormous Moscow corruption, make transparent a maximum of the financial streams passing through capital. At us on all country corruption improbable, but owing to that in Moscow about a quarter of the Russian finance, here corruption is especially great. If Sobjaninu is not possible to cope with the Moscow corruption, it will not manage to solve by and large any of capital problems.

As to problems of 2012, I would not began to pedal this role. It will be solved not without its participation, but it does not become here a solving figure. Whom it is put forward on fast of the president, on that it and begins to work. Here especially will not depend much on the mayor of Moscow.

the Main thing that did not disturb. And to disturb it not begins. Will help.