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The soldier who have run away with the automatic machine of Kalashnikov in Dagestan

the Military man who has the day before hit the colleague in Dagestan was hung up and has run away with Kalashnikov`s automatic machine and four equipped shops, is found hung up in a forest belt nearby to a place of state of emergency.

On Friday during scene survey in 50 metres from a highway conducting from a railway crossing in sanatorium Caspian sea one sleeve of calibre of 5,45 millimetres is found out. Later during carrying out of operative actions by employees OVD on Karabudahkentsky area and military men in 500 - 700 metres from a scene, in a forest belt, the corpse of the military man who has committed suicide is found out, having hung up - the representative of the Ministry of Internal Affairs of Dagestan has informed journalists.

He has added that near to a corpse militiamen have found automatic machine AKS of calibre of 5,45 millimetres with four shops equipped with 119 cartridges, passes RIA Novosti news agency.

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