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The inhabitant of Salsk have denounced for 9 years that he nearly has not killed the acquaintance

on October, 15th the verdict of guilty in the relation salchanina,   has come into force; which wanted to kill the acquaintance.

it is proved that on March, 11th, 2010 Timotheus Belousov has invited the acquaintance in a school court yard in Salsk where has knocked her on the head, and then - a knife in a chest. Following blows have not achieved the object, as the girl has started to resist actively. To the aid of the girl casually passing by deputy chief OVD across Salsk and Salsk area which has detained the armed criminal has appeared in time.

- the Judicial board on criminal cases of the Rostov regional court has left without change a sentence of Salsk city court from July, 9th, 2010 by which Timotheus Belousov is denounced on ch. 3 items 30, p.1 item 105 of the criminal code of Russian Federation (attempt at murder), and also on three episodes of the crimes provided by the item « » ch. 2 items 158 criminal codes of Russian Federation (theft, that is secret plunder of another`s property, made with illegal penetration into a premise) by 9 years of imprisonment with punishment serving in a corrective colony of a high security, - speaks Natalia Ahreeva, the assistant to the regional public prosecutor.

it is necessary to tell that Belousov to fault in fulfilment of thefts recognised, however   attempt at murder denied and insisted in court on a business training for a new profession   on   less heavy. However the court has counted fault completely proved.

the Sentence has entered validity.