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The number of victims of downpours on Kuban has increased to nine

Under the specified data, victims of torrential rains in Tuapse area of Krasnodar territory of a steel   nine   the person.  

According to preliminary data, on one person Dzhubge, Brick and six persons - in village vicinities Krivenkovsky was lost in Novomihajlovke. Adults were lost, children among them are not present - the head of investigatory department on a city of Tuapse of regional management SKP the Russian Federation Gennady Vasjunin has told.

Persons of victims are established, the representative has specified a press - services of regional department of the Ministry of Emergency Measures of the Russian Federation.

Earlier it was informed on one victim.

we Will remind, in the evening on Friday and yesternight in Krasnodar territory have passed strong storm rains. The strongest they were in Tuapse area of edge. Vrezultate has risen the mountain rivers   have overflowed banks; Pshenaha both Tuapsinka, and water in a few minutes water became zataplivat private apartment houses. Houses in settlements Dzhubga, by Novomihajlovka, in villages of Georgievka, Anastasevka, Brick have been impounded.

According to the regional Ministry of Emergency Measures, all in area it is impounded seven rural settlements and 17 settlements . izopasnoj   zones rescuers evacuated nearby 300 persons.

In area mode CHS is entered, the department of the Ministry of Emergency Measures has created an emergency response centre, passes RIA Novosti news agency.

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