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The Belgorod veteran has bought from swindlers BUDS on 230 thousand roubles

89 - summer Egor Semenovich* from Belgorod was caught in a net swindlers in an early autumn. Sat as - that the pensioner on kitchen yes listened to radio. The brisk announcer half an hour praised highly a miracle - pills which on its assurances are capable to cure of any hvori. In an aether even grateful patients &ndash called; well in any way they could not constrain the impulse and not tell to investigators about « healing » by means of biologically active additives (BUDS).

- Radio precisely does not say lies! – Egor Semenovich has confidently declared and has dialled number of the firm, trading a miracle - tablets.

the Polite operator on other end of a wire has connected in a few minutes the pensioner to somebody, and with the professor. The doctor has appeared so professional that has confidently diagnosed the old man in absentia and even has recommended treatment. And as health – This most important thing in life on it, the professor convinced, is not a pity to spend and some tens thousand roubles.

- And that the patient did not fluctuate, « benefactors » began to call to the pensioner on 10 - 15 times a day and to offer « the most favourable offers » - have told in a press - service of the Department of Internal Affairs across the Belgorod region. – for two weeks criminals have extorted from the victim more than 230 thousand roubles, having sold the veteran BUD`S series in some honeycombs of times is more expensive, than those really stand.

it is quite probable that the pensioner and would continue treatment – skilful dealers preparations good psychologists, however have interfered Egor Semenovicha`s relatives. They were converted into militia.

- Field investigators UBEP the Departments of Internal Affairs have detained the courier delivering pills. And after a while their Moscow colleagues have covered head office of criminals, - have noted in the Department of Internal Affairs. – on the swindle facts some tens criminal cases are raised already.


« Before BUD`S purchase consult the doctor »

Konstantin Kukushkin, the head of department of the organisation of medical aid of department of public health services and social protection of the population of the Belgorod region:

- BUDS – these are chemical compounds which can render both positive, and negative influence on an organism. Therefore the person who decides to use biological additives, first of all should be defined with the attending physician, and special attention to convert on where he buys preparations and from whom.

• the name and a surname of the pensioner are changed.