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gosdep the USA does not see threats in cooperation of Russia and Venezuela

At a meeting of premieres - the minister of the Russian Federation Vladimir Putin the question of deliveries of military technology was discussed with the president of Venezuela Hugo Chavez.   Putin has assured the president of Venezuela that the next party in   35 newest Russian tanks will be   it is sent in   Venezuela.

In the near future the next party will be put. These are 35 tanks - Putin has told.

the Prime minister also has noticed that work is conducted and under other military orders of Venezuela.

Works proavansirovany - he has confirmed.

Chavez has voiced a wish even more to increase military cooperation with Russia. It has reminded that factory building on manufacture of automatic machines of Kalashnikov and spare parts to them in Venezuela goes at full speed.

Besides military projects,   Russia is ready to help Venezuela in   the decision of housing problems of citizens of this country.   In the near future with the assistance of the Russian experts building of 10 thousand apartments, and also factory on manufacture of building materials will begin, informs RIA News .

In turn in Gosdepe the USA have declared that do not see problems in nuclear cooperation of Russia with Venezuela if it goes by all international rules.

Any new nuclear program or activity should be spent according to the highest standards of non-distribution, security, including norms of IAEA - the assistant to state secretary Filip Krouli has told gosdepe the USA.

We watch such things very attentively - he has told.

And, as we spoke in a context of all countries, all signed the Nonproliferation treaty have rights and duties - the representative gosdepa has reminded the USA.

Each country has a right to develop peace nuclear power, but with this right there are duties, and we expect that Venezuela, Russia or any other country, developing such technology, will correspond to the international obligations - he has noted.