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The citizens of Moldova detained in Egypt have returned home

Today, on October, 4th, at night to Moldova   11 citizens of Moldova, arrested persons in Egypt have returned on September, 11th.  
At the capital airport of the men who have got to a misfortune the prime minister - minister Vladimir Filat has met.   Together with it our fellow citizens were met also by the head of foreign policy department of Moldova Yury Ljanke.  
Moldavians have gone three months ago for work to settlement near Cairo. Each of them has paid for a trip on 1700 euros. The Moldavian citizens have enslaved beduiny which forced them to work. Captives beat and contained in nasty conditions.
Spetsposlannik the Ministry of Foreign Affairs in Egypt Vyacheslav Phillip has noticed that Moldavians were detained by the Cairo authorities on charge in murder beduina, however has been proved that in death of the Egyptian guilty there was a Georgian, therefore citizens of Moldova   have released.
Vladimir Filat has promised that the government and will help further to the men who have come back to Moldova.
a photo: a press - government RM service


about a situation in which there were our fellow citizens, the government promises to give the Detail information a bit later. But already now it became known that there is begun investigation   on purpose to reveal persons, involved in the traffic of people. For now the prime minister - the minister was sincerely glad to returning of men:  

  - the Most important thing — that they have returned. In this connection I want to express gratitude to minister Yury Ljanke and all representatives of the Ministry for Foreign Affairs and the European integration. I will notice that it was not easy , - has told   Vladimir Filat.
Expenses on repatriation 11 - ti Moldavians were incurred by the government.   on behalf of the government of premieres - the minister has promised to the returned home men comprehensive support and further: both material, and legal.  
  - We will help these people, because care of them — a direct problem of the state, - the prime minister - the minister has added .
On one of the versions, presented to mass-media,   Moldavians were converted behind the help beduinov for illegal transition of border into Israel. When beduiny have doubled the sum, quarrel has flashed and Moldavians have ostensibly killed the guide.