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Cherepovets will not raise tax rates of the ground tax to the next year

to the Question of increase of rates of the ground tax three times last session coordination advice on small-scale business development has been devoted. The power, in the name of mayor Oleg Kuvshinnikova, insisted on increase of rates, business of increase did not want. Both those and at others in favour of the position had arguments.

Deficiency of the Cherepovets budget this year makes 358 million roubles. Area « to help money » cannot, there the deficiency, therefore for its covering the city should take the credit. Same « avaricious » the situation will be and next year, officials speak. Already now at formation of city treasury inheriting year to the authorities was necessary to postpone realisation of very many perspective projects, including on capital repairs and building.

- Kapstroitelstvo from 2 billion 256 million roubles — The requirement of our spheres, including public health services, education, sports, culture &mdash was that; we have lowered to 909 million roubles, — mayor Oleg Kuvshinnikov explained to representatives of business. — possibilities of our budget Are that, unfortunately.

But possibility to accept the sufficient budget the next year is. Will help to make it land tax. He and so will essentially grow for the majority of businessmen from - for increases of cadastral cost of the earth and if thus the city increases tax rates from 0,5 % to 1,5 %, then on a broader scale « all will be in azhure ».

However businessmen assert that such « financial » they will not sustain blow.

- We now cannot imagine all consequences of such sharp increase in taxes at all, — has told to the correspondent « » the president Trading - industrial chamber of Cherepovets Vladimir Shtejngart. — On my objects in 3 - 4 times increase the rate on land tax. And I not the smallest businessman and, probably, will survive in any image. But I know people who now close business.

According to businessmen, it is possible to raise taxes indefinitely and as a result to receive the uttermost destruction of small-scale business and then the city on a broader scale will not receive any taxes. Therefore the main request of businessmen — to leave at former level (0,5 %) at least the land tax rate.

- If we for small-scale business will save the rate at level 0,5, it will allow, in - the first, at least to save tax loading on land tax at level of 2010, — the deputy of a municipal duma, businessman Yury Kuzin speaks. — in - the second, it will allow to provide predicted profitable base for the city budget. We estimated already.

the City authorities have met businessmen - forthcoming year the rate will not change. There will be 0,5 %.

Besides, in a city the working group which will develop and make in regional parliament of the offer on change of system of a cadastral estimation of the earth will be created. It according to businessmen is spent not correctly.

By the way

By the way in Vologda rates under the ground tax this year have been established at level of 1,5 %