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The new cemetery on 26 thousand places will appear soon in Vologda near to old Kozitsynsky

- the Requirement for building of a new cemetery has arisen because places for a burial place on an old cemetery will suffice only up to the end   this year, - the director of municipal authority tells Town-planning city centre Vologda Larisa Golikova. - On cemetery building   it will be spent   100 million roubles. 19 hectares under cemetery territory are allocated. Roughly the earth should suffice for ten years of burial places.

Now   on a cemetery   there are excavations: acts in film   the vegetative layer, is made a territory lay-out   and okanavlivanie perimetre.   building materials for the device of drainages, protections, roads Are bought.

Building was planned to begin slightly earlier.   But procedure of registration of the earth is a long process.

- this month we will try to make protections and we will beg office of heaven that there was no rain, - the director of firm of the contractor Alexander Kondratyev speaks. - labour productivity strongly depends on weather conditions, especially if many ground works.

the Summer resident is indignant to the neighbourhood with a cemetery.
a photo: Michael BAYKOV

Having seen correspondents, the chairman of the country co-operative society located in 300 metres from a new cemetery has approached to the gathered. Having used a case, the man has shown the discontent with such neighbourhood.

- To our summer residences 20 years! We write to all instances that all is broken, nobody responds, - the summer resident was indignant.

Alexander Kondratyev: The new cemetery will be arranged more well, rather than Kozitsynsky
the Photo: Michael BAYKOV

- the Project has passed state expert appraisal. All requirements of standard documents,   are fulfilled; - Alexander Kondratyev has responded. - I understand reaction of country co-operative society as the neighbourhood with a cemetery is not the most cheerful neighbourhood. But wherever the new cemetery it anyway was under construction will displease local residents as population density in Volrogodsky area high enough. Besides, the cemetery is impossible rasmestit on boggy soils. And fields which are taken away under a cemetery now even have been never reclaimed, it means that a place here dry enough. Geological researches spent last year have shown that level of ground waters is on depth of an order of five metres from an earth surface. Surface water from rains and thawing of snow here is planned to collect a drainage and to disinfect chlorination.

According to the builders, the new cemetery will be arranged more well, rather than Kozitsynsky .   the Taken away territory will be more rational to be used, and   to   to each number of burial places separate pass will be made. On the old cemetery which territory twice more new, burial places were spent within 8 years.