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Petersburgers will solve, what budget is necessary to area

On a court yard the end of October – it is a high time to sit down densely for financial planning. Regional city authorities have already prepared projects of budgets the next year, remains things are easy – to discuss plans with inhabitants. Someone already has had time to pass this stage, and today will carry out public hearings of the power of the Kirov, Kolpino, Moscow, Petrograd, Seaside and Frunze areas. Following the results of will make the report and will send in budgetary - financial committee ZakSa.

In Kirovsk area public hearings will take place on October, 20th, 2010 in 15 - 00 to the address: the prospectus of Strikes, the house 18, in a boardroom (3 floor).

discussion will pass In Kolpino area at 15 o`clock 30 minutes to the address: Kolpino, street Pavlovsk, the house 82 (a premise of Sankt - the Petersburg official body Recreation centre « Leisure ») .

In the Moscow area of hearing will begin in   15 - 00 in an administration building to the address: Moskovsky prospectus, the house 129.

In Petrograd area in 10 - 00 in the street Big Monetary, the house 17 - 19.        

in Seaside area in a red hall of administration in 16 - 00. To the address: the street Savushkina, the house 83

- in the big hall of administration in 15 - 00 administration is In the Frunze area to the address: street Prague, the house 46