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The Ministry of Internal Affairs of Tatarstan promises growth of crimes from - for a poor harvest

On a press - conferences in Ministry of Internal Affairs RT and. Islands of chief MOB on RT Vasily Sokolova at first said the Ministry of Internal Affairs that from the beginning of this year it was possible to prevent many crimes in agriculture sphere.

If last year the damage from encroachments on this production has made more than 4 million roubles, in it – less than 950 thousand. Militiamen consider that all it has occurred giving thanks to their harmonious work. They have compensated to the state more than 600 thousand roubles of a material damage, and the rest have returned « in kind »: grain (21 ton), PETROLEUM PRODUCTS (2 tons), vegetables (5 tons) and forages (56 tons).

But militiamen have not enough optimism: from - for a poor harvest they predict growth of thefts of cattle, vegetables and grain. One gang specialising on thefts of cattle, they tracked down almost two years. Have detained recently, having brought their accusation in 12 cases.

And Russia promised by the government of a grant for completion of losses from a drought – temptation for unscrpulous peasants. To Tatarstan have allocated 25 billion roubles to support the agriculture which has suffered from a drought. The first money has already arrived, and has brought already the first action on swindle with them. The businesswoman from Kajbits has submitted a package of documents to receive grants for re-equipment of granaries. Has received more 2 million, but has mastered not everything, but only a part. It appears, the woman has forged a part of documents – it has converted from 12 declared granaries only four.