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In Bashkiria the court over a foster home of Safargaleevyh

in Kushnarenkovsky district court proceeds on November, 9th, 2010 hearings on sensational business of a foster home - murderers of Safargaleevyh will proceed. In the summer of this year for careless murder of three-year adoptive kid Matveja Katerenchuka real terms of imprisonment were received by a man`s half of family – Mars and it 22 - the summer son Marseilles. From blow of the overage offspring of family was lost kroha. It has received five years of prison, his father for two years is less. The female half of family in the form of mother Zulfii and daughter Julia has got off with the conditional terms, three and two and a half a year accordingly (to Read: In Bashkiria for death 3 - summer Matveja in a foster home of a distance two real terms.) .

the Office of Public Prosecutor has achieved cancellation of this sentence by the Sovereign court of Bashkiria. Charge considers that real terms of imprisonment are merited by all members of an ill-starred family (to Read: In Bashkiria the Office of Public Prosecutor demands to put behind bars all foster home of Matveja).

we Will remind that Mars and Zulfija Safargaleevyh, having four own children, took on education of four adoptive children from children`s home. Education of kids was accompanied by constant tortures by hunger, beatings by sticks and shovels, cauterisation of hands by fire. And to the victim 3 - to summer Matveju Katerenchuku for a bed wetting even tried to cut off a penis (to Read: Children from a foster home in Bashkiria used, as slaves and were cauterised it by hands fire).

For involuntary vomiting Marseilles Safargaleev has knocked Matveja on the head. The kid has flown away aside and has strongly hit a head about a table. After five days of a finding in a clod, the boy has died.

- New hearings on this business have begun in October, 2010. But in view of that at large members of a foster home on court were not, session have transferred for November, 9th, 2010, – has told « » the public prosecutor of department of the state accusers of Office of Public Prosecutor of Bashkiria Iskander Fahretdinov.

« » watches succession of events.