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To raise statistics raskryvaemosti crimes the militiaman dramatized theft

Insufficient quantity of detected crimes in the column indicators raskryvaemosti has pushed the chief of branch under the analysis and control over disclosing heavy and especially grave crimes of criminal militia of the Department of Internal Affairs on Sergey Zavyalov`s transport on thought most to improve these indicators, and there and the award can leaves, well at least against sherstki the heads precisely will not stroke.

Zavyalov has brought the friend, having assigned a part to it “ a victim ” robberies on the territory entrusted to it - the Yaroslavl river station, has given out a requisite in the form of a handbag with money (1000 roubles) and phone. The militiaman has sent other companion on searches of the drinking companion which needed to be inclined to a robbery. Instructed “ a victim ” and “ the instigator ” Operating under the scheme have found the drinking companion Martynova and after fast acquaintance and drinking of spirits &ldquo nobody; a victim ” has left in a toilet. Having waited for new friend Martynov took its things and... Has gone to search for the owner of a bag. Having looked in a building of station and without having found out there the friend, Martynov has gone out of doors, where has seen the newly made friend in the company of militiamen. Without ulterior motive “ the thief ” has approached to the fair company to give a handbag, but instead to it have suggested to pass in branch where him and have detained on suspicion in theft.

However justice has triumphed and uglovnoe business in result of all perepety have got on the organizer of theft, namely on the chief of department of militia Sergey Zavyalov.

Now the grief - to the militiaman threatens from 3 till 10 years of imprisonment under article for preparation and attempt at theft that is especially grave crime. In Yaroslavl it already the second loud case, when chiefs of militia instsinirujut crimes (read: the Militian chief played thefts for increase raskryvaemosti crimes ) .

In all this history, certainly it is possible to accuse “ palochnuju ” system on which militias judge work on an indicator raskryvaemosti crimes, and norms constantly change, execute, exceed. But on the other hand to try to put behind bars the innocent person neither in any norms it is not entered, nor in moral, in the militian.