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In the Vologda area

milk volumes of output have decreased for 5 % or on 15,6 thousand tons   milk realisation in   has decreased; the Vologda area   in comparison with last year. More a quarter of volumes of the Vologda milk it is not distributed on grades.

- the Agriculture has worked inefficiently, - Tamara Britvina, the first deputy of the Governor of the Vologda area has declared. - after all money – more than 2 billion roubles - have been given out!   yes, difficult there was a year, but also this difficult year in Is great - Ustjugsky area pljusujut milk. And other areas on a broader scale hand over nesortovannym 30 % of milk. This elementary non-observance of technologies! Recently in the Government considered prospects of a development of the region, including agriculture in 2013. Promise that the milk gain will increase almost by 5 %. But, believe to me if we so work we will not reach even gain percent.

At the same time, Tamara Britvina has noticed that it is not necessary to dramatize a situation. There is also a positive statistics. In area the livestock of pork flock has considerably increased. Manufacture of meat of pork   has increased more, than on 13 %, and fowl - on 8 %.

By the way

According to new technical regulations on milk and the dairy production, established at federal level, requirements to highest category milk have raised.   crude milk is subdivided now into three grades – the higher, the first and the second.