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In Rostov 130 copyists

In Rostov with some backlog from other cities of the Don edge have left there passes the All-Russia population census. About it today, on October, 20th, on a press - conferences were informed by the head of territorial body of federal service of state statistics across the Rostov region Vladimir Yemelyans. If peasants owing to the various reasons willingly answer questions of copyists rostovchane do not open a door,   refuse to answer questions, are rude and offend. In some former factory hostels protection refuses to start up copyists. As a result have not sustained pressure   already 130 from 3,5 thousand copyists.

- I want to tell that first of all census is necessary rostovchanam, after all proceeding from the received data grants for social support will be formed, - Vladimir Yemelyans has noticed . - Rostov should prove the city status - millionika, and four days prior to census have answered questions of only 39,3 %, when as a whole on area this indicator more than 48 %.