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In Kazan have attacked on perepischitsu

Perepischitsa which have come to one of houses in the Moscow area, has appeared without dark blue sharfika, a recognition symbol.

- In your house have selected! – the woman has explained to wondering tenants.
during week-end it bypassed other tenants of this house, and in one of apartments it have attacked. The elderly woman so was frightened that has not remembered, how much the person have started to pull down with it a scarf, to suffice for clothes and a bag. Has noticed only unnatural pupils at men and that all of them are young.

From « bad » apartments it managed to run away almost lost-free. As extraction attacking there was a dark blue scarf of the copyist.

Tenants have sympathised with the woman and have warned about two apartments where addicts live. Without militia there to go dangerously.

- We do not know about this incident, - have told in a press - service of the Department of Internal Affairs of Kazan. – most likely, about happened perepischitsa has not informed in militia.

But then why in « bad » apartment the woman has gone one, without the divisional?

- we have lists of addresses of unsuccessful families and mental patients, - the chief of service of district militia officers of militia of the Department of Internal Affairs across Kazan Andrey Trutanov has informed. – That apartment where have ostensibly attacked on perepischitsu, in our lists does not appear.